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ASP.NET MVC é um framework para construção de aplicações escaláveis, baseadas em padrões web utilizando design pattern bem estabelecidos com o poder do ASP.NET e do .NET FW.

Conheça agora o que nós GANHAMOS com a adoção deste release:

ASP.NET Identity

For authentication and identity management. Thesedays, modern applications are developed for broader range of clients such as web, mobile in mind. Also, users are actively using their social identities from various social channels like facebook, youtube, twitter etc.

ASP.NET Identity is a new Membership system to handle authentication and authorization for variety of clients as well as using user’s existing social identities.

Authentication Filters

For authenticating user by custom or third-party authentication provider. With the help of Filter overrides, we can now override filters on a method or controller.


Replaced the default MVC template.

Attribute Routing

Now integrated into MVC5.

Basically, MVC Routing is an excellent way to create human friendly and Search Engine Optimized URLs.

Attribute based routing enables us to define routes along with action methods:

public ActionResult GetStudentById(string id)
// code logic here.
return View();